Elegant Wedding Venues

333 5th Ave
Manhattan, NY 10016 - Map

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Elegant Wedding Venues is Southern California's premier private wedding & reception destination.

We offer ceremony & reception venues ranging from the formal elegance of the Beverly Hillis Mansion to the exotic atmosphere of the Italian Terrace.

Located in the Center of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and just steps from Central Park, Elegant Wedding Venues is one of the best event planning specialists New York City has to offer.

The environments in which we create are both flexible and affordable. Elegant Wedding Venues creates beautiful and spacious interiors, lighting, , vaulted ceilings and marble floors to make for a stunning and majestic wedding site.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions take place just about anywhere including boats, mansions, marinas, gardens, restaurants, scenic locations, and churches. Each area provides ample opportunities for setting the scene and creating a mood with elegant wedding decorations.